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Charters Towers, QLD

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Take your time and explore the scenic gold mining town of Charters Towers, affectionately known as "The World".    

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These eight vertical mine shafts are to be found amongst the suburban streets of Charters Towers and were developed during the period of intense gold mining that occurred on the Charters Towers Goldfield from 1872 to 1917.

During this forty-five-year period, Charters Towers became one of the most important goldfields in Queensland, and in Australia, attracting heavy investment interest from overseas companies. At its peak it accounted for more than a third of Queensland's entire gold production.

The success of the goldfield led to the permanent establishment of the town of Charters Towers and had a major impact on the continued settlement of North Queenslandand the economy of Queensland as a whole.

Explore the World in 7 days

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